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Struggling to lose weight, but emphasis is on cardio...

At ARC Fitness, my goal is to help each client achieve both short-term and long-term goal by making positive lifestyle changes and by incorporating healthy eating habits with exercise. Many people focus solely on cardio for their fitness needs, but quickly become frustrated when their results plateau. Too much cardio can deplete muscle mass, causing a decreased metabolism and resulting in a softer muscle tone. There are many pitfalls to relying solely on cardio for fitness and weight loss. At ARC Fitness, we incorporate Total-body weight bearing cardio with strength training and healthy eating. The Solution to Cardio Overload: Strength Training If you’re experiencing any of these four symptoms of cardio overload, it’s likely time to consider switching up your exercise routine. No, you don’t have to stop exercising altogether, or even exercise less frequently, but a different style of exercise will likely be quite helpful. Strength training is the perfect compliment to cardiovascular exercise. First, strength training helps your body maintain muscle mass. Increased muscle will boost your resting metabolic rate and will help your body develop more aesthetically appealing physique (i.e. your fat:lean tissue ratio will move in the right direction). Second, adding strength training to your exercise routine will provide the variety needed to avoid overuse injuries commonly associated with cardio-only training routines. Building strength will also support your joints, making them even less likely to suffer from chronic soreness or future injury. Finally, the slower pace of strength training can be much less of a stressor to your body than constant cardio training. Replacing even two days of cardio training per week with a resistance workout can reduce the physical stress your body has to deal with and can therefore restore your energy levels. Cardio training is excellent for your overall health, but balancing it with strength training will help you achieve faster results in a way that’s sustainable for the long-term.

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