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Treadmill & CYBEX cross-trainer.jpg

The CYBEX ARC Trainer

"Better Results - Less Time"

This machine is a total body, weight-bearing, non-impact, cross-trainer.

BURNS MORE CALORIES than any other cross-trainer or elliptical cross-trainer tested

THREE MACHINES IN ONE - train for Strength, Power or endurance - excellent for weight loss

EASY ON THE JOINTS - No more 'elliptical knees'

This is a wonderful machine for those with limitations that prevents them from enjoying cardio. Some of my clients have had knee & hip replacements, back and foot surgeries, as well as other factors that limit their ability to exercise on most cardio machines. These clients are able to benefit from all that this machine has to offer.

The Unique Design never places the user's toe behind the knee, which reduces stress to the knee. The arm and leg on the same side move together, allowing for optimal posture during exercise, no spinal rotation (twisting) which protects the back. The ARC design allows users to experience complete range of motion for the knee and hip, without placing undue stress on the joints.

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