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The Perfect Fitness Solution

ARC Fitness is a perfect fitness solution for anyone who does not feel comfortable in a public gym setting.  The studio is very private and clean and the equipment is excellent.


This Studio was designed to accommodate clients with diverse physical needs and limitations.  It is wonderful for clients who require customized programs, either due to previous injury or from de-conditioning due to a sedentary lifestyle. The equipment is also fabulous for clients who are already active and fit, as they can increase their current fitness levels through emphasis on functional training and core stabilization.

Every personal training client at ARC Fitness incorporates exercises from various types of equipment throughout each workout.  At the end of every session, the client will have thoroughly trained each muscle group.  This total-body approach to fitness helps prevent overtraining and is a great approach to total-body conditioning.

Equipment includes a TRX Suspension Trainer, Six-Pak Cable Machine, Free Weights, Stability and Medicine Balls, Back Extension machine and more... Clients are encouraged to use the foam roller to increase flexibility and loosen tight muscles, which will aid in optimizing the benefit of their sessions.

The TRX Suspension Trainer is an amazing training accessory.  "Whether you want to burn fat, lose weight and build lean muscle, or just get in the best shape of your life." -  TRX

TRX is a leader in functional training.  Each exercise can be modified for the user's ability level and goals.  By simply adjusting body position and angle, the user can adjust the amount of resistance and difficulty level. The TRX is fantastic for core, balance and stabilization training.  It has the ability to challenge even the fittest athletes.  This is because the suspension trainer requires you to engage your core with every exercise, you'll get a total body workout everytime you train. The TRX Suspension Trainer improves mobility, flexibility, functional strength and builds lean muscle.

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