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Adrienne & Toby
Toby is the Studio Mascot. He comes to work with me everyday and takes his job very seriously. He announces when each client arrives, and provides entertainment and comic relief with his entertaining silliness. He loves treats, has a cookie jar and is not afraid to let clients know when he should be rewarded.
ARC Fitness, new location
New, larger location with even more equipment and cardio. Added Olympic Weight Set, Squat/Bench rack, plus treadmill.
Six-pak cable machine & free weights
Customized, personal workouts to suit your goals and needs.
Squat/Bench Station
Added equipment, includes multi-position chin-up and pull-up options. TRX for suspension training.
Adrienne at Cable Station
One of my favorite exercises to warm up the back - Criss Cross Lat Pulldowns. ARC Fitness
My Back, Lat Pulldowns, October 2016
Always trying to put on size and definition. Gets so much more difficult at 50 years. Mature muscle, 30+ years in the making.
with Jen Amabile
Working with Jen Amabile on the Six-Pak Cable Machine.
Sandra & Toby
Sandra always brings special treats for Toby when she comes for her sessions each week. Toby loves coming to work!
CYBEX ARC Cross-trainer
Premium cardio that is private and highly effective, yet easy on the joints. Catch up on your favorite shows or movies whlle you sweat!!
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