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NatPro Progesterone Cream info:

This cream is 100% Organic, containing only vegetable sources.

No Animal has ever suffered, or will ever suffer, because of it's


The Progesterone in this cream is IDENTICAL to the progesterone

your body makes.

For your protection, NatPro Progesterone Cream does not contain

any toxic substances. It is free of parabens and PEGs,

(Polyethylene Glycol).

The quality 'feel' upon application of this cream is decadent. Most

of all, its functional ability to ensure the efficient transdermal

delivery of the progesterone itself is Second to None. This

has been established and confirmed through rigorous, repeated

saliva testing.

Each full pump of NatPro delivers 50 mg of USP grade progesterone

cream. It is absorbed well, and has been found to be as effective

as injections and to enter circulation rapidly. It can be used anywhere,

and everywhere on the body.

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